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  Love Wins- Part 1 February 1, 2023   - In:   Love Wins So its been a while but I needed a go ahead to release this one. You all know we have entered into the month of love and you know how I love Love so yes it's time. I am really gonna take my time on this so it will come in bits as the Lord leads. You must have heard my songs, Love Wins or So Listen. If not you can check them out later but those will be the context with which I will try to write this blog. You will notice I used the word 'try' because with Love that is all we can do. Allow me.. Introduction So where do I begin? I was called to love but I didnt know how. So I started asking God to teach me how to love more and so He gave me opportunities to forgive more, as a poster child of Love, lol. For that's exactly how I see it because all of my relationships were falling apart. From family to friends to inlaws to church to business to colleagues, to marriage, I mean every and any connection I had, found a way